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PPE for RSAU Dr. Esnawan Antariksa & Puri Raharja Hospital

RSAU and Puri Raharja Hospital
Time To Care: Assistance Packages in the Form of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

In the spirit of solidarity against the global pandemic and supporting Indonesia's recovery, ecoCare and Indonesian Cleaners contributed by providing aid packages in the form of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for RSAU Dr. Esnawan Antariksa and Puri Raharja Hospital Bali.

Medical personnel who with courage and dedication fight disease to maintain the health of the Indonesian people also need to maintain their own health. They have family at home and loved ones, therefore, to keep them safe and comfortable, protection against the COVID-19 virus is very important.

Hopefully this assistance can provide a glimmer of hope and motivation in their struggle against the pandemic, as well as be an inspiration for all of us to continue standing together in facing trials that we have never experienced before.

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