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Rangkaian produk kami akan meningkatkan prestise bisnis Anda dan memastikan bahwa pengunjung dan staf senantiasa merasa nyaman seakan mereka disapa oleh ruangan yang selalu bersih & higienis. Itulah langkah pertama untuk menciptakan kesan terbaik terhadap lingkungan Anda yang tak akan pernah terlupakan

Hygiene Product Innovation from ecoCare

ecoCare Digital Sanitizer

The Sanitary Closet and Urinal Unit is designed to address the issue of unpleasant odors caused by bacterial growth around urinals/WCs. With Auto Digital Electronic Device technology, it controls the release of cleaning fluid precisely as needed, ensuring greater efficiency and effectiveness without disrupting the bacterial ecosystem balance within the septic tank. The key advantage of this unit lies in the chemical composition of the cleaning fluid, which is non-damaging to toilet/urinal plumbing pipes and safe for human health.

ecoCare Microbust Freshener

Unit Pengharum Ruangan dengan Teknologi Microbust ini memiliki desain yang anggun dengan system spray otomatis sesuai interval waktu, yang akan melepaskan aroma segar dari fine essential oil yang bersifat teraputik dan lebih aman untuk kesehatan manusia. Aromatherapi dari unit dispenser terkecil ini berfungsi mengatasi suasana jenuh dan memicu semangat produktif dari setiap individu dalam ruangan tersebut.

ecoCare Water-Based freshener

Introducing our Non-Alcohol Room Freshener Unit with a Water-Based formula, designed to be environmentally conscious and free from propellants and ethanol. This guarantees that airborne particles remain clean and refreshing, ensuring safety for human health. Presented in a sleek and elegant unit, this product offers a range of enduring aromatic scents that naturally influence the ambiance and energy levels in any room


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Unit Pembersih Tangan dengan busa seperti salju, halus nan elegan, serta sangat ekonomis penggunaannya. Tidak hanya dapat menghemat penggunaan liquid-nya, namun juga sangat menghemat penggunaan air bilas, sekaligus membuat saluran pembuangan air lebih sehat dan ramah lingkungan.

ecocare tissue dispenser copy.JPG

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Tropical Leaves 2_edited.png
Tropical Leaves 2_edited.png

A Roll-type tissue dispenser operates with a sensor-based system that releases tissue automatically. This eliminates the need to touch the surface of the unit while using it.

Standard Products

The Sanitary Closet and Urinal Unit presents an elegant minimalist design. The disinfectant fluid within the unit serves to inhibit bacterial growth within urinals and toilets. Moreover, this sanitation unit operates automatically with every flushing, thus creating a hygienic restroom environment for subsequent users.


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Unit Sanitasi Kloset dan Urinoir ini tampil dengan desain minimalis yang elegan. Cairan desinfektan unit ini berfungsi untuk menghambat berkembangnya bakteri dalam urinoir dan kloset. Selain itu, unit sanitasi ini bekerja secara otomatis setiap kali dilakukan pengguyuran, sehingga menciptakan ruang toilet yang higienis untuk pengguna berikutnya.

This Hand Cleansing Unit excels in its capacity to effectively eliminate germs from hands, surpassing the performance of conventional antiseptic soaps. Its unique advantage lies in its water-free operation, enhancing both hygiene and practicality in its use

Eco Hand Sanitizer.jpg

Unit Pelepas Sabun Cair yang sangat ekonomis dan tidak menetes karena dilengkapi dengan sistem pengontrol volume sabun cair. Dengan viskositas (kekentalan) yang terukur, formulasi yang ramah lingkungan, serta aroma yang eksklusif dan bersifat moisturizing, sabun cair ini aman dan tidak membuat kulit menjadi kering.

The Liquid Soap Dispensing Unit is exceptionally cost-effective and drip-free, thanks to its equipped liquid soap volume control system. With a precisely measured viscosity, an environmentally friendly formulation, and an exclusive moisturizing fragrance, this liquid soap ensures both safety and skin hydration without causing dryness.

Unit Pembersih Alas Duduk Kloset merupakan unit desinfektan yang membunuh kuman dan bakteri di permukaan kloset agar selalu higienis, sekaligus mencegah penularan penyakit kulit dan kelamin. Unit ini sangat efektif untuk dipasang di toilet publik. Rasa aman dan nyaman akan dirasakan pada saat Anda menggunakan kloset

The Automatic Feminine Hygiene Disposal Unit is an indispensable fixture in women's restrooms. Beyond reflecting consideration for women's needs, this unit serves to preserve a healthy environment by ensuring that toilets remain unobstructed and free from unpleasant odors. With a timeless and elegant color scheme, the unit's design features an automated sensor-driven lid, adding both functionality and sophistication to the restroom space

The Feminine Hygiene Disposal Unit is an essential addition to women's restrooms, embodying a genuine consideration for women's well-being. Beyond its symbolic significance, this unit plays a pivotal role in upholding a healthy environment by preventing toilet blockages and eliminating unwelcome odors. Sporting a classic color and an elegant design, the unit's lid opens conveniently through a foot-operated mechanism

Introducing the Lavatory Environment Enhancement Unit, meticulously crafted to evoke an aura of freshness and the tranquil embrace of lush natural landscapes. This sophisticated unit operates on a rotational schedule, engaging for 1 minute before a subsequent 2-minute interval. It embodies both efficiency and fiscal prudence while boasting an exquisite selection of exclusive fragrances, thoughtfully curated to perpetuate an atmosphere of rejuvenation and ease within both restroom and elevator domains


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The Room Fragrance Unit operates with exceptional cost-efficiency, utilizing a customizable interval spray mechanism. Powered by an aerosol system with 3000 sprays, it offers an array of invigorating scents, making it ideal for deployment in lobbies, restaurants, and similar spaces

Unit Pengering Tangan Elektrik ini hemat daya listrik, mencegah pemborosan kertas tisu dan senantiasa menjaga kebersihan ruang toilet

Unit Insektisida Aman dengan konsep ramah lingkungan dan efek toksisitas yang sangat rendah. ecoCare Flies bekerja dengan cara mengeluarkan aroma khusus yang tidak disukai serangga terbang khususnya lalat, sehingga efektif dalam penggunaannya namun aman bagi kesehatan manusia

ecoCare Auto Soap

The Liquid Soap Dispenser Unit is characterized by its exceptional cost-effectiveness and non-dripping design, attributed to its integrated liquid volume control system. Engineered with precisely measured viscosity, an environmentally-friendly formulation, and an exclusive moisturizing fragrance, this liquid soap assures safety and avoids skin dryness. The soap is automatically dispensed through a sensor-driven mechanism, enhancing convenience and hygiene

ecoCare Doormats

Introducing a specially designed mat with a construction crafted from High Twist Nylon, engineered to proficiently capture up to 90% of dust and debris carried on footwear. Additionally, this mat possesses the capability to absorb both water and oil. Subsequently, the collected debris is effectively embedded within the lowermost section of the mat's construction

Multifold Tissue Dispenser

The Tissue Dispenser Unit features an appealing and efficiently designed structure. This unit is meticulously crafted to ensure extended refill intervals, while maintaining its functionality and aesthetic appeal


Air Disinfectant Spray.jpg

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Sustaining a clean and sterile environment within the space, eradicating viruses, germs, and bacteria, following the completion of disinfectant treatment

Disinfectant Service.jpg

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Disinfectant Service

Utilizing safe chemicals for spraying to eliminate bacteria and viruses in your area. Regular application is necessary to ensure sustained protection


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Specially formulated soap designed to effectively cleanse microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and harmful germs

auto hand sanitizer baru.jpg

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Effectively cleansing hands from germs, more efficiently than ordinary antiseptics, without requiring water. This method is both more hygienic and convenient, with the auto unit designed to minimize touch, serving as an initial protective measure

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