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Premium Services

Our services ensure you have a healthy & hygienic environment

Each building has its own unique characteristics and usage of environment.


That is why, we are ready to give any consultation advice for you to determine the best hygiene product and frequency of effective service for your needs, startingfrom the installment until the latter maintenance stage.


With technical support “know how” and total professionalism, ecoCare’s expert team is ready to do location survey that followed up by a suitable and beneficial recommendation for customer.


During installation of hygiene product, besides paying attention to the aesthetic aspect of the rooms, one must also consider the building layout and any equipment placed in that building.


We combine all of the aspects to create a harmony on both elegant appearance and effective function for your building location.


We care, because we’d like to create a better and innovative solution.



Punctual in executing maintenance and quick to respond to problem treatments are our areas of expertise to make sure that you will always get the best, consistent service.


On the arranged cooperation, with well scheduled visit, our clients will get product performance report and detailed action done by ecoCare maintenance team.


Therefore, it is certain that every single ecoCare product unit in client’s area will run well and effective all day long.

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