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Cleaning Solution

Founded in August 2014, PT Tukang Bersih Indonesia operates as a constituent of the ecoCare Group. It provides professional cleanliness and housekeeping services across diverse settings, encompassing residences, offices, and commercial zones. Backed by over 25 years of experience, the ecoCare Group maintains a primary focus on delivering quality cleanliness services and an effective sanitation system, resulting in superior products and client contentment. The establishment of PT TukangBersih Indonesia corresponds to a strategic response to the considerable market potential within the cleanliness services industry. This approach underscores their preparedness to effectively address market requisites

Excellence Services

Possessing the capacity to deliver self-reliant services, we are committed to optimizing operational expenses to enhance margins, all while prioritizing customer satisfaction

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Our Services

  • Daily Cleaning
    The scope of housekeeping duties encompasses bed arrangement, sweeping, bathroom sanitation, waste disposal, and daily dishwashing, whether upon each visit or as part of a membership package, resulting in enhanced cost-efficiency.

  • Ironing
    We provide the service of folding and/or ironing clothes using ironing equipment and fragrances from Tukang Bersih

  • General Cleaning
    A comprehensive cleaning based on room size is recommended approximately every 6 months, utilizing specialized large-scale cleaning equipment, with optional add-ons available for an even more enhanced outcome.

  • Project Cleaning
    We provide a specialized service tailored for the cleaning of specific items necessitating specialized equipment, as well as for cleaning tasks categorized as high-risk

  • Station Housekeeping
    Our cleaning service is strategically positioned within your premises, optimizing its effectiveness through the integration of real-time monitoring technology.

ISO Certifications


ISO 9001:2015 Certified

ISO 9001 Kualitas Sistem Manajemen

Memenuhi persyaratan internasional dalam hal manajemen penjaminan mutu produk/jasa yang dihasilkan


ISO 14001:2015


ISO 14001 Sistem Manajemen Lingkungan

Standard Internasional terkait SML (Sistem Manajemen Lingkungan) atau EMS (Environtment Management System) yang sudah sangat terkenal di dunia


ISO 45001:2018


ISO 45001 Sistem Manajemen K3

Lengkap akan persyaratan guna sistem manajemen kesehatan serta keselamatan kerja dengan berdasarkan panduan penggunaan agar menghindari terjadinya cedera sehingga mutu, kualitas, & kepuasaan pelanggan semakin terjamin

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