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PesT Control Solution

PT Indocitra Pacific is a subsidiary of the ecoCare Group (Hygiene Services), led by Mr. Hendrik Yong and Mr. Arif Yulianto (HM. Yong), who collectively possess more than 25 years of experience in this industry. Operating under the brand named pestCare, the company is firmly committed to customer satisfaction, service quality, and cultivating a positive customer perception. The fundamental mission of Quality Assurance serves as the hallmark of the corporate dedication, ensuring that the customers derive benefits, advantages, and contentment from proficient expertise and extensive industry experience. pestCare stands as a conscientious solution, addressing environmental sustainability, human safety, and the well-being of your business.

 Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Choosing the appropriate strategy for pest management involves utilizing several methodological approaches: mechanical/physical control, biological control, and chemical control

Service Excellence


Pest investation prevention



Exclusion of pest entry



Sanitation spraying



Treatment method

Service Name

Describe one of your services

Service Name

Describe one of your services

Our Services

Commercial Protection

With over a decade of experience in the industry, we comprehend the requisites and expectations of our commercial business clients, and uphold elevated standards to fulfill them

Disinfection Service

Our service involves treatment to eliminate bacteria and viruses adhering to inanimate surfaces, utilizing specialized disinfectant chemicals along with dedicated equipment

Industrial Protection

Through the utilization of cutting-edge reporting and analysis systems, as well as advanced monitoring tools, we have established ourselves as preeminent pest control specialists, adept at eradicating pests thoroughly

Residential Protection

pestCare offers a comprehensive array of pest control solutions targeting a wide spectrum of common pests and viruses. Furthermore, we provide tailored solutions designed for various residential property types

Product Method

General Pest.png
Termite Baiting.png

General Pest

Program pengendalian hama umum yang diperuntukan untuk gangguan hama seperti semut, nyamuk, lalat, kecoa, dan tikus. Program ini juga dilengkapi dengan service monitoring dan reporting

Termite Baiting

Termite control system employing an effective baiting method without leaving any odor, aimed at eradicating termite colonies completely without causing structural damage to buildings


Infusing chemical compounds into a sealed, air-tight environment using an efficient dispersion process in the form of gas or vapor, with the purpose of eradicating target organisms that are the focus of control

Chemical Spraying

Our System Monitoring & Reports


Kontak Kami

Hubungi kami di 021 5101 6000 atau dengan mengisi formulir online 

  • Senin-Jumat (8.00 - 17.00 WIB)

  • Permintaan Anda direspon dengan cepat (max. 24 Jam)



Kami akan memikirkan masalah hama Anda, mengatur jadwal survey,  dan memberikan penawaran serta rekomendasi.

  • Pengaturan jadwal yang sesuai untuk Anda

  • Solusi sesuai dengan masalah hama Anda

  • Penanganan yang inovatif dan efektif



Perjanjian Kontrak akan dibuat setelah tim survey kami datang ke tempat customer.



Masalah hama Anda akan ditangani langsung oleh teknisi kami yang terlatih dan tersertifikasi.

  • Pelayanan yang cepat dan efektif

  • Pengendalian hama ramah lingkungan

  • Mengutamakan kesehatan dan keselamatan


Monitor & Report

Kami pastikan untuk penanganan pengendalian hama semaksimal mungkin.

Kami akan melakukan pengendalian hama secara berkala.

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