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PT Indocare Pacific has officially rebranded to PT Ecocare Indo Pasifik after formally establishing sister companies, namely TukangBersih and PestCare, as part of the ecoCare Group Company. This transformation also marks a significant step in ecoCare Group Company's journey toward becoming a publicly-traded company.


In 2021, ecoCare is getting ready for the post-pandemic New Normal. We are implementing more systematic approach in designing our services, always prioritizing the health and needs of our customers. Furthermore, ecoCare has taken significant action by acquiring a local company and building it as pestCare, which has expanded our services into pest control. As a result, the ecoCare Group has become a comprehensive one-stop solution in the fields of hygiene, cleanliness, and pest control. This move reflects our commitment to providing integrated and complete solutions to the entire Indonesian community.


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In the exciting journey of ecoCare's ‘The Next Generation of Milenials Sales’ force, under the banner of #theimprovementsales, we celebrate our dedicated sales achievers by granting them another well-deserved trip to Turkey in November 2019.



In 2017, ecoCare marked a truly significant occasion when we gathered in the stunning surroundings of Bali to celebrate our Glorious 1 Decade Milestone. This event was characterized by its vibrant energy and a deep sense of connection among all those who attended. It was an opportunity to reflect on the journey thus far, acknowledge the challenges we've overcome, and celebrate the remarkable progress we've made. The enthusiasm and determination that we witnessed during this celebration were fueling our collective spirit as we set our sights towards the brilliant success of next decade.



In our ongoing commitment to enhancing our services and delivering greater value to you, this year we announce our latest initiative - the procurement of Fleet Services.


This strategic move represents a significant step towards the realization of a new era, Safari Management 2015: 'Towards a New ecoCare'.



ecoCare has officially relocated to a larger office space, inaugurating its new central headquarters at the Grand Slipi Tower. This moment marks a continuous phase of evolution and expansion for ecoCare as a company.


In the same year, sales Conference was held at the Ambarukmo Hotel in Yogyakarta, featuring motivator Yohanes Pauly, who ignited the Sales teams’ enthusiasm and determination to change their mindset to become achievers (Be + Do = Have!!).


Furthermore, the achievers then embarked on Incentive Trip to Vietnam - Hanoi - Halong Bay for 5 days.


As a part of the “Think Green” campaign, ecoCare is delighted to introduce a new uniform that embodies environmentally friendly concepts. This addition marks another significant step in our ongoing journey to enhance our services, all while upholding environmentally responsible practices.


ecoCare celebrates the opening of several new branches in strategic locations all across Indonesia, specifically Samarinda, Balikpapan, and Palembang. This expansion is designed to enhance our presence in providing the best services and support to a broader community.


On February 13, 2024, PT ecoCare Indo Pasifik Tbk successfully listed its initial public offering on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), solidifying its position as a key player in the financial market and laying a strong foundation for sustainable growth in the future. For over 15 years, PT ecoCare Indo Pasifik Tbk has been a pioneer in the hygiene and sanitation industry in Indonesia. Through strategic expansion, service diversification, and a commitment to sustainability, the company continues to lead in providing innovative and high-quality cleaning and pest control solutions.


In the same year, ecoCare Group Company underwent a rebranding initiative that reflects the company’s new vision and strengthens its brand identity to be more modern and environmentally friendly. This rebranding unified ecoCare Hygiene, ecoCare Cleaning, TukangBersih, and ecoCare Pest Control under the ecoCare Group Company umbrella, creating a robust synergy to address future challenges.


ecoCare is implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to maximize production, operations, and distribution aspects within the ecoCare Group while innovating our products to meet user needs in all conditions.


During the years of the pandemic, which have been a time filled with various challenges, not excluding our beloved country, Indonesia, ecoCare has remained committed to actively contributing by enhancing the quality of our services. We have continuously strived to provide the best innovations in hygiene and cleaning, aiming to offer better solutions to the community in the midst of uncertain circumstances. ecoCare is determined to consistently be a reliable partner in facing these challenges.



Sales incentive trip to Europe on May 2018.


training 6.jpg

For the very first time, we proudly organized and hosted the groundbreaking event known as the "I'm a SERVICE LEADER", a National Service Leader Training in the year 2016. With this event, we embarked on a journey to empower our man power with the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary to become effective leaders in the realm of service to you.


Back in May 2016, the Sales Achiever had the incredible opportunity to embark on an incentive trip to the enchanting city of Sydney, Australia. This unforgettable was a reward for hard work and dedication, a well-deserved adventure.

Pada bulan Mei 2006, para Sales Achiever mendapatkan kesempatan istimewa untuk pergi berlibur ke Sydney, Australia. Perjalanan tak terlupakan ini adalah sebagai hadiah dan penghargaan atas dedikasi dan kerja keras mereka.


2014 2.jpg

ecoCare has extended its services with the introduction of Tukang Bersih Indonesia, a new subsidiary focusing on the cleaning sector in the shape of B2B or B2C. Building upon our reputation for facility services, this expansion reflects our commitment to sustainable and more eco-friendly cleaning solutions, contributing to a cleaner and healthier Indonesia. Expanding its reach, forging new connections, and unlocking a multitude of possibilities, ecoCare Group Company actively engages in multiple exhibitions and leverages the international business networks it has cultivated since 1988. In March 2014, ecoCare's Sales Achievers embarked on a trip to Hong Kong, Macau, and Shenzhen as their chosen destinations.


ecoCare has successfully inaugurated a warehouse in Sentul. This marks a significant milestone that underscores our commitment to expanding our operational footprint and enchancing our capacity to provide exceptional services to our valued customers.


Furthermore, high achievers are rewarded with a trip to South Korea. This gesture is not only to acknowledge their hard work, but also to inspire and motivated them even further.



The establishment of branches in Bali and Solo reaffirmed ecoCare’s substantial expansion during that year. In addition to this, ecoCare’s main office moved to Wisma Aldiron in Pancoran.


To reinforce the vision and mission of ecoCare’s presence in Indonesia, a logo transformation was carried out on August 8, 2008.


The color green signifies a fresh environment, particularly the green leaves that symbolize the vitality of human life, which is its essence. Adding to this idea, the color blue represents the sanitation attributes of our products that preserve the environment.


Peluncuran Produk.jpg

On July 7th, 2007, PT. Indocare Pacific was officially established as the first hygiene system company in Indonesia to utilize innovative environmentally friendly products with the latest technology to meet customer needs. From the beginning, under the leadership of Mr. Hendrik Yong, ecoCare has been led by experienced pioneers with over 30 years of industry expertise.

In the first year, ecoCare had already expanded to a total of 5 branches in Indonesia; two branches in Jakarta and in each branch in Bandung, Yogyakarta, and Semarang.This expansion reflects on ecoCare’s management foundation which focus on delivering excellent service, prioritizing product quality and customer satisfaction, and acknowledging the critical role of its public reputation in building successful business relationships with everyone involved.

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