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PT Ecocare Indo Pasifik

Established in 2007 under the name PT. Indocare Pacific, ecoCare ventured into the field of Hygiene Support Services with the primary aim of safeguarding the environment against the dangerous viruses and harmful bacteria.


From the beginning of the journey, ecoCare has been guided by experienced leaders with over 30 years of expertise in this industry. This immediately caught the interest of business enthusiasts who hold a deep concern for cleanliness, hygiene, and comfort, recognizing the impact on the well-being within their business premises. In acknowledgment of the importance of health, ecoCare is committed to delivering the highest level of service and introducing innovative products designed to reduce the use of chemicals and replace them with natural materials.


In its course of development in 2017, with the aim of enhancing environmental cleanliness, TukangBersih (PT Tukang Bersih Indonesia) was established, aligning with its name. Subsequently, in 2021, business expansion gave rise to pestCare as a comprehensive solution for pest management. In 2023, a new chapter commenced as the corporate entity transitioned from PT Indocare Pacific to PT Ecocare Indo Pasifik.


To this day, ecoCare, TukangBersih, and pestCare stand as an unified entity within the ecoCare Group Company, consistently striving to provide the best services as a one-stop solution for enhanced protection of the entire Indonesian community.


Enhance the image of local Indonesian companies to be on par, respected, and be able to compete with international companies in the field of Facility Support Services


  • To be a complete and reliable solution in the field of facilities support services

  • Prioritizing customer satisfaction through professional human resources services and the latest technology support

  • Developing and maintaining the well-being of employees who are the company's main asset

  • Supporting the 'think green' program with an eco-friendly service concept







Core Values



Implementing the 'Think Green' concept by empowering human resources, promoting sustainable product development, and leveraging the best knowledge to support top-notch performance and customer service


Excellence & Innovative

Continually inspiring positive thinking and forms of service, aiming to be the key solution to the challenges faced by our surroundings



ecoCare utmost priority is the safety and well being of everyone involved in our operations. We are dedicated to taking all precautions to minimize any outcomes that may arise



Prioritizing harmony and mutual interest by employing communication as the cornerstone of establishing strong relationships, especially to resolve any issues that might emerge

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Fast Response & Trustworthiness

Stand as the dependable vanguard is our priority for all ecocare customers 

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