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Cleaning at the Failaka Palmerah Mosque

Blessing Cleaning
Blessing Cleaning

ecoCare Group Company has long been at the forefront of providing environmentally friendly and high quality hygiene and sanitation solutions. As a company that cares about people's comfort in worship, we understand how important cleanliness and good hygiene are, especially when Muslims prepare to welcome the month of Ramadan.


To commemorate the holy month of Ramadhan, ecoCare Group Company is proud to hold a CSR activity "Cleaning Blessings" at the Failaka Mosque, Palmerah on March 27 2024. In this activity, we distributed hand sanitizer and rice boxes to mosque congregations for breaking the fast.


Apart from that, TukangBersih Indonesia and pestCare which are part of the ecoCare Group Company also participated in this CSR activity. TukangBersih Indonesia cleans the mosque area so that this place of worship remains clean and comfortable for all congregants. Meanwhile, PestCare provides Cold Fogging services to ensure that the environment around the mosque is free from insect populations that carry dangerous diseases.


With this initiative, we hope to make a positive contribution in supporting the comfort of worship during the month of Ramadan and strengthen awareness of the importance of good hygiene and sanitation. Let's join together in the #cleancleberkah movement to create a healthier environment and blessings for all.

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