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ecoCare Group Company: A New Journey Begins!

May 2024 will be the first step for ecoCare Group Company to carry out rebranding that reflects the company's new vision and strengthens its brand identity to be more modern and environmentally friendly. This step is part of the company's strategy to align itself with the demands of a market that is increasingly concerned about sustainability and the environment.

This rebranding brings together several superior services that previously operated under different brands, namely ecoCare, TukangBersih, and pestCare. Now, all these services are under one umbrella, namely ecoCare Group Company with new brands, namely ecoCare Hygiene, ecoCare Cleaning, TukangBersih, and ecoCare pest Control. With this unification, the company hopes to create stronger and more solid synergies, so that it is able to face various challenges in the future more effectively.

This transformation is not just a matter of changing the logo or name, but also reflects ecoCare Group Company's commitment to innovation and sustainability. This more modern and environmentally friendly brand identity is expected to increase customer trust and loyalty, as well as attract the interest of a wider new market. Through this rebranding, ecoCare Group Company also wants to show its dedication in providing cleaning and pest control solutions that are not only effective, but also support environmental conservation.

By combining the expertise and resources of various divisions, ecoCare Group Company now has greater capacity to develop innovative new products and services. Apart from that, this synergy also allows the company to be more responsive to customer needs and preferences, and more adaptive to changes in market trends.

Overall, rebranding ecoCare Group Company is a strategic step that confirms the company's vision to be superior in the environmentally friendly hygiene, cleanliness and pest control industry. With a new strong and modern identity, ecoCare Group Company is ready to move forward and face the future with optimism and high confidence.

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